Something Special

As if last Saturday wasn’t chock-filled with wonderfulness, this made my day–my purple Goatboy Soap sweatshirt arrived in the mail!!





I cannot wait to show it off to Catherine Grace (who has had a Goatboy sweatshirt for years)!

3 thoughts on “Something Special”

  1. Honey, this beauty is PURPLE!! I am jealous, of course. I’ve just about worn my heather gray GoatBoy hoodie into the ground. I will literally be threadbare before I give it up though.

    On the other hand, maybe I should think about a purple hoodie for dress occasions …

  2. CG: The purple looks better in real life…I think I need to calibrate the colors on my camera or use natural lighting. Note that the purple sweatshirt doesn’t come in a hoodie…being purple is special enough!

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