5 thoughts on “Waldingfield’s Heirloom Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce”

  1. Mangochild: I can’t help but recognize these local farmers–they’re my CSA farmers!

    Laura: You can get currently their sauces at the Wooster Square Farmers Market in New Haven (Saturday Mornings). Or you can call the farm and pick it up there or find out where else they’re going to be.

  2. That’s a great feeling – to see *your* farmers, the ones you know and see all the time, have that recognition. And in a way, I think you are a part of that too, supporting them through your CSA share and your blogging about them :-)

  3. HI know they carry Wldingfield Farms Sauce at Litchfield Locker in Litchfield, CT. I have tried the sauce and it it so flavorful!

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