Just another elite foodie

You would think that the biggest problem in the world today is that locavores and other foodies are elite:

I recently remarked elsewhere on the InterTubes that it’s fascinating that with animal poo on my shoes (because I really do know my farmer), I’m elite!

Unfortunately, name-calling really works as a tactic for marginalizing different thinking, particularly when it’s gaining traction. (How many people call themselves liberals or feminists any more?) Once a good idea starts to recognized as a really good idea, it has to be neutralized to maintain the status quo.

I refuse to be shamed back into the industrial food system. I’ve decided to embrace my elitism.

elite: A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth.

Looks to me like elite is good. Notice that snobbery is not part of the definition as the naysayers would have you believe. Nope. Elitism is all about exceptionalism. Imagine that: exceptionalism in your chosen endeavor is a positive attribute!

So, just how elite am I? My category of exceptionalism is good local food: wholesome, sustainable, nutrient-dense, non-toxic, not mass-produced, community-oriented, and healthy. As it happens, I am exceptionally talented at finding good local food—likely due to my willingness to spend the time and effort to do so. I am one of the best locavores that I know. I don’t insist that everyone do as I do, but if anyone wants to, my Web site that tells you everything I’ve learned about it. If this qualifies me elite, I acknowledge the compliment!

I pwn 3l33t.


4 thoughts on “Just another elite foodie”

  1. Sophie, I feel the same way. They call us elite, appealing to our compassion for those less fortunate and we take it to heart even though it makes no sense. As if going back to PathMark would make things right with the world! I think I’ll join you and come out as a raging elitist too.

  2. You’re the best locavore I know!

    And I agree. If caring about the environment, my local community and my health makes me elite – so be it.

  3. @PWF: Exactly!!
    @Princess: You rock!

    Okay, that was our elite moment. Now back to foraging for dinner! Our elite selves have vegetables to wash, bone soup to simmer, and food to put by!

  4. Sophie,

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s like if you don’t shop at Wal-Mart, you can’t possibly be “one of the people.” If the W store is the criteria, I’ll take elite, thanks.

    And I find it interesting that a society that is determined to prove that *everyone* is special (every child gets a medal!) is so virulent when your behavior is, well, special.

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