Local Thanksgiving 2014

Another year and whew—that sure went by fast! Once again, I am grateful to my farmers who coax up life from the soil and provide me with food and nourishment all year long. I am grateful for my family—and yes, three generations of us can work together in the same kitchen at the same time. And I am super grateful that the power stayed on through the early snow.

I apologize in advance for the dearth of pictures. I completely forgot about the camera and the blog between the appetizers and dessert. We really did have soup and a main course.





Chicken Soup (recipe) with bowtie pasta and/or brown rice made from chickens from Camp Roads Farm, Kent, CT and Ox Hollow Farm, Roxbury,  Carrots, parsnips, celeriac, and onions from Fort Hill Farm, New Milford, CT. My own parsley. Brown rice and pasta: not local.

Main Course


See last year for a photo—almost, but not exactly the same.


Now here I am with my annual Pie For Breakfast Day ritual behind me and my turkey bone broth happily simmering on the stove. Hope everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as I did.

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